Toyota Camry Takes Out Three Cars with One Move in Russia

Everybody knows the story of the little engine that could. It’s an all-inspiring kids’ book that basically tells them that as long as they believe in themselves, it doesn’t matter how the odds stack up against them, they can pull off anything they set their mind to.
Toyota Camry crashes on the highway 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
That’s probably what the driver of the Toyota Camry in the video below thought as well, when he left home that day. As you’re about to see, our good man decided that size really doesn’t matter and if he wants to do things one certain way, then he’ll do it!

The video shows a scene that seems downright taken out of an action movie. At around the 25-second mark we notice a grey Toyota Camry coming in hot on the first lane of the highway.

The Japanese car then proceeds to get closer to the truck that’s just minding it’s own business on the second lane only to get somehow scared of the thing once it gets right next to it. We’re guessing the driver wasn’t paying attention and freaked out when he saw the rear end of the truck right in front of him.

This is where things get interesting

In just a split of a second, the panicked driver swerves to the right to avoid the truck only to ram it hard in the next blink of the eye. The result?

Remember how we told you that this Toyota certainly though that it could take down 3 cars at once? Well, that’s exactly what happened.

In a rather peculiar twist of faith, the Camry pushes the truck onto the other three lanes managing to crush a Mitsubishi Pajero and a BMW E39 5 Series that were just minding their own business. Furthermore, the poor Bimmer is almost slingshot on the other side of the concrete wall separating the highway lanes.

What surprised us the most was how easy it was for the Toyota to push that truck to the side and how small the damage on the cars involved seems to be overall, especially considering their speeds. I guess that’s the definition of luck...

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