Toyota and BMW Working on a Supercar?

It seems like the rumor mill surrounding the Toyota and BMW collaboration is getting bigger than ever. Now we're hearing suppositions that the two automotive giants might be working on a supercar to replace the Lexus LFA. That sounds interesting...
BMW i8 vs Lexus LFA 1 photo
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Motoring reports that on a recent trip they had at the Japan headquarters of Toyota they spotted a BMW i8 on the grounds, probably used for testing, as they assume. They go even further and claim that this could only mean that the Germans and Japanese are working on a new supercar.

That's interesting enough. However, as soon as we saw the i8 in its production version and learned about the specs it had, we immediately thought about how crazy it would be to fit a S63Tu engine in it and call it a day, making the long awaited supercar everyone is still expecting from BMW.

We weren't the only ones to think of it and now a supercar based on the i8 is rumored all over the internet. The problem here is that BMW could do that all by themselves. So, where does Toyota step in?

It looks like the supercar should be hybrid, a real competitor for the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder but priced a lot better, at around USD300,000 if the assumptions are correct.

In order for this to happen, Toyota should bring very impressive hybrid technology to the table, better than what BMW is currently using on the i3 and i8 and that has a 50-50 chance of happening.

However, if the i3 and i8 deliver what was promised, the collaboration with Toyota would seem redundant. Until we hear some official news though, we're glad to speculate even further.
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