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If you’re ever in Stuttgart and have no idea how to kill a few hours, there are worse alternatives to visiting the Mercedes-Benz Museum. And, yes, that was an euphemism.
The Mercedes-Benz brand is one of the oldest names in the automotive history, so if there was ever a company most entitled to build a museum, this was it. Inside the 47.5-meter high building, you’ll find over a century of automotive history, from the very first vehicles that did away with the horses and all the way to the most modern supercars. It really paints - more so than any other similar museum - a very exact timeline of the way the industry evolved over the past 129 years.

It’s probably the only chance in the world to see in the metal some of the rarest and most iconic Mercedes-Benz models, including concepts or race cars. The museum houses a total of 160 exhibited vehicles, complete with Formula One single-seaters, commercial vehicles or even race trucks. There’s an entire area dedicated to the silver arrows that could very well serve as an introductory course into aerodynamics.

If you feel like rocking your insides a little, there’s the option of a fully-hydraulic simulator, but we’d recommend skipping it if you already had lunch, unless you really hate the janitor working there.

The nine-leveled building itself is pretty spectacular, with a modern architecture mixing brushed concrete with metal and glass, as well as some retro-futuristic elevators that look like recommissioned submarines. Plus, there are cars on the floors, cars on the walls, cars on the ceiling and cars hanging in mid-air.

If you ask us, you don’t really have to wait until life gets you around Stuttgart by chance. The Mercedes-Benz Museum offers enough reasons to warrant a trip there alone, but if you still need extra motivation, there’s the Porsche Museum nearby, while the BMW one is only a few hundred miles of enjoyable autobahn away. Oh, and then there’s Audi’s little joint in Ingolstadt to take into consideration too.

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