Mercedes-AMG SL63 Rendered as a Coupe Is Deliciously Close to a Shooting Brake

Mercedes-Benz SL coupe rendering 1 photo
Photo: X-Tomi Design
We may be wrong, but we were under the impression the Mercedes-AMG SL63 - or any other SL model for that matter - was already a coupé.
This job of categorizing cars can backfire on you very easily, but with the metallic roof up, there’s absolutely no reason to look at the Mercedes-Benz SL in any other way than as a two-seater coupé.

You could drive that car for a lifetime, and if during all this time you never found the button that folds the roof, you’d die happy you spent your life behind the wheel of a very nice coupé. Unless, of course, one of the not-so-bright relatives (we all have them) thought it was a good idea to point it out while you’re on your death bed. In which case, you’d have to wonder who’s the not-so-bright after all. But we digress.

In any case, if a Mercedes-Benz designer were tasked with transforming the SL into a coupé, he’d have the easiest job in the world - he’d basically be paid for doing nothing. Remove the folding mechanism, the cuts in the roof and there you have it, a car that looks just the same but lost half of its charm.

With Mercedes-Benz launching the new facelifted version a few days ago on the Internet, our Photoshop whiz friend that goes by the name of X-Tomi thought of a different approach to this problem. In the end, he came up with a car that looks quite different from the current SL, but that’s not to say it does so in a bad way.

We think his creation is one tiny step away from becoming a shooting brake we’d so like to see go into production, but unfortunately, it has so many foibles it would be scrapped even before somebody at Mercedes-Benz dreamed about it.

For one thing, the SL is a two-seater and it shall stay that way, so the extra room in the cabin is pointless, as are the two rear side windows. On the other hand, with such a short trunk lid, the SL Shooting Brake (we’ll call it Shooting Brake if you don’t mind) would have to use a hatch, which, you know, is a bit of a sacrilege on a coupé. No hard feelings BMW 4-Series Gran Coupé, OK?

So, we’re looking at yet another exercise in futility, but at least this one looks great.
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