Tiff Needell and the Gang Test BMW’s 435i

We’re all used to the crew from Fifth Gear giving us actually usable advice on new cars. Compared to the other famous team from the island that does a TV show about cars, Tiff and his gang actually test affordable cars and try to help you out as much as possible.
BMW 435i Drifting 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
They even have a new section on the show where they tell you the prices of second-hand cars that were once legends and what to look for in case you need a new ride. Who else does that?

Last week, they were invited by BMW to test out the new 4 Series Coupe. Since they are all experienced drivers, the Germans sent a 435i model out to impress them. Did it manage to do so? We’d be tempted to say yes.

Unlike the usual tests they perform, that are serious and very focused, this time they had a different approach. In order to see if BMW’s claim that the new 4 Series is actually different from the 3 Series and not just in shape, they set out to see if it handles well.

To measure the handling characteristics, they set out to drift the hell out of the rear wheels of the poor Bimmer, starting with the less experienced crew member, Johnny. He did ok and so did Vicki but then the masters came out to play.

First up was Jason that was actually impressed by the little Coupe, at one point saying that it is ‘actually really beautiful on the limit!’. That means a lot coming from a picky man like him.

Then came Tiff’s turn... Even though Plato almost went completely through the rear tires, the legend stepped up and showed them all how it’s done and you can see it all in the video below.

In the end, everyone was more than impressed with the 4 Series, the car receiving a team score of 35 and a half out of 40.

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