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This Time, a Brunette Gets a Joyride in the Challenger SRT Hellcat

The people in China and the Middle East seem to love American cars just as much we do. But you know what their problem is? They can't seem to film a bikini-clad girl washing a Hellcat in the middle of the desert.
This Time, a Brunette Gets a Joyride in the Challenger SRT Hellcat 1 photo
Why is that important? It's the foundation that the entire Internet is built on. I think this is the only type of NSFW video that you can get away with watching at work. Heck, if you're an auto shop employee, you can even get away with showing it to the boss.

When you get handed the keys to a car as potent and tail-happy as the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, you naturally wonder what would happen if somebody with a fit body were to be placed in the passenger seat.

Reaction videos are an old idea that started with Lamborghinis and McLarens. But now, there's a Dodge that can tear rubber just as easily. The fact that it doesn't have a complicated gearbox or all-wheel drive also adds a sense of occasion.

Yesterday, we showed you a couple of videos from the recently established Youtube channel "Hellcat Girl" that showed a blonde beauty. Today, we have two more, and this time the hair color has changed. We know how you men are picky about these things, so nobody is going to feel left out… unless you're into a rainbow kind of thing.

Can a Dodge ever scare people like a Lamborghini? If you know what a Hellcat is, you're going to tell us the question is supposed to be the other way around. That supercharged engine could be the biggest engineering achievement since the Apollo 13. Think about that while you check out this bikini car wash footage with us.

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