Homeless Guy Refused by Restaurants Is Welcomed When Driving a Ferrari 458 Italia

Social media experiments have almost become a form of investigative video journalism. This is especially true in places like California, where people will do just about anything to get a reaction that's worth filming and showing on Youtube.
Homeless Guy Refused by Restaurants Is Welcomed When Driving a Ferrari 458 Italia 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Our favorite kind of reaction video involves cars, more specifically supercars. Not everybody knows how to drive a Ferrari. But when you see that iconic 458 Italia shape, it flips that "money" switch in your head, and that always means he treats you differently.

The first time people realized this was when the gold-digger pranks started. Everybody has a shallow girl who is only into a guy if he owns a Lamborghini or Bugatti, right? Except the problem appears to be universal.

This next video shows how a guy pretending to be homeless is refused service a restaurant. Of course, this isn't illegal, as they have the right to refuse service. But when you see how they treat the same person when he pulls up in a Ferrari, the value of money becomes evident.

Of course, reaction videos are designed to polarize opinions from the start. Some people will say that what the restaurant employees are doing is totally normal. As one Youtube commenter puts it: "There are rules. And people who are dirty just can't enter places like that. Shocking, right? No."

But some will see this as a violation of equal rights, "homeless men have rights too" sort of stuff. We're kind of against this train of thought. Imagine a dirty man came to a public pool – wouldn't that be a clear health code violation?

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