Nissan GT-R USed by 16-Year Old Guys to Pick Up Girls

It's been described as being ugly and boxy, yet the Nissan GT-R has curb appeal and will help you get a date… provided of course that you ask for one and are rich enough to own one.
Nissan GT-R USed by 16-Year Olds to Pick Up Girls 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
We never expected the GT-R to be a lady killer, not in the same way that a Lamborghini or a Bugatti is. But it turns out that there's a disconnect between what auto journalists like and what girls find cool. Where we see a tacky carbon wing, the hotties apparently find a cool ricer's car.

Of course, there is some gold digging involved, but to our eyes, some of these girls are simply attracted by the confidence of the 16-year old dudes. When you're that young, any guy with a car is actually a catch and getting treated to some delicious waffles isn't bad either. And when is the last time you saw a violent killer with shorts like that?

Just like in any other pick up prank, random hotties are asked for directions before being asked to jump in the 2011 Nissan GT-R to show them were to go.

As usual, people are calling the guys fakes. A few of the girls look right in the direction of the camera and some act more than a little scripted. And just look at young gentlemen in pastel shorts! They look like Justin Bieber in his Baby Baby days, but with messier eyebrows.

Still, we have to give the TubularBruh trio some credit. Even if the video is a fame and these girls are actually just their friends, they have a lot of courage for 16-year old and put. When is the last time you asked a girl how far her tattoo goes?

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