This Tilting, Independent-Suspension Quad Looks Like a Very Cool Off-Road Toy

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Photo: Facebook capture
Sometimes a little more suspension travel is enough to make a huge difference. If you're not convinced, take a good look at the video after the jump. Of course, some of you could simply go for the "not that different from a quad" side, but I am positive that most people will be able to tell the difference.
If anything this quad is as different to an ATV as a RipStick is different from a common skateboard. Surely, the principle behind both vehicles is the same, yet each behaves in its own way and will be able to provide different sensations.

Bodyweight balance plays a much more important role

With the extended riding possibilities this agile quad introduces, the rider also has to adapt his or her riding style. The quad looks much more responsive to how the rider moves his body weight, and people used to ride a rigid-suspension quad (compared to this) will most likely have a hard time feeling this one, at least the first couple of times or so they'll be riding it.

Still, the fact that this quad responds in a much ampler way to changing body positions allows the rider to choose different tracks around a bend. All ATV's can drift in the dirt, but for some reason, this one seems to be funnier.

The taller suspension also raises the center of gravity, and this amplifies the importance of balance, but at the same time, sort of mimics riding a bike.

Now, just don't hurry to say that a real rider only needs two wheels, and riding such a quad is lame. There's plenty of room under the sun for everyone, and you should accept the fact that some people feel more attracted to such a four-wheeler than to a bike. You wouldn't call a Dakar quad rider a chicken, would you?

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