This Rider Is Not Very Smart, Is He?

This Rider Is Not Very Smart 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
No matter how much would some guy argue, riding a bike safely on public roads needs some brains... Brains, as in being smart enough to figure how things work and being able to steer clear from the dangers which literally lurk around motorcyclists.
When there's not enough activity in the brain, bad things happen, and this video is one of the good proofs for this claim. As we see the Passat stopping at the roundabout, we might believe all the vehicles coming from that direction must give way. Our not-that-smart rider seems to almost tolerate the other road users as he misses the first incoming car by inches.

However, faithful to the belief that he own the street, the rider then tries to pass a cab on the left, even though we can see the taxi's turn signals on. Our chap is stubborn enough to try and overtake the car, despite the fact that even a first-grader could have predicted the collision.

Now, a double center line and a pedestrian crossing will also cause some license suspension for the cab, that's right, but still this isn't nowhere near enough to justify the rider's utterly stupid maneuver.

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