This Remote Control Paper Airplane Is Smartphone Guided

Paper Airplane That You Fly Through Your Smartphone App 1 photo
Making paper plane is only the first thing you learn how to do when you join kindergarden. Somehow though, it stays in your memory for your hole life. That is exactly what happened with creator Shai Goitein, only he decided to develop a smartphone-controlled version, something most of us can only dream about.
At first, is sounded more like a bet that was meant to stimulate Goitein’s imagination. However, he was staggered when the little project managed to raise its $50,000 goal in less than a day's time on Kickstarter. In fact, the current figure has exceeded the $1 million mark, having 21,4124 backers. Now that is what you call a good idea, don’t you?

Let us just take a small glimpse at the grown-up's toy. Although it might look like a bit absurd, it’s probably a dream come true for a lot a people, if you think about it. Folding paper into planes always felt kind of incomplete, considering you never got to control them to go where you want to. And that is exactly what PowerUp 3.0 does.

Once you have the plane ready, you pair the module with your smartphone over Bluetooth and fire up the app. Besides showing an artificial horizon and range information, the software will also transform your hand holding the smartphone into a remote-control. You move your phone from left to right, the rudder will move in time.

It charges over a micro USB port and it lasts about 10 minutes of flying. Best part is, thanks to the rubber and carbon-fiber construction, crash will most likely not be a problem. Long story short, the PowerUp 3.0 turns your self-made paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled flying machine.

In case you are not one of the many that already preorder one, you’ll need to know you can find it over at and it will cost you just $50 (EUR 36).

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