This One-of-a-Kind Streamliner Travel Trailer Is a Literal Land Yacht With a Wild Design

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Photo: DWG
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I'll admit, some campers are so out there, so one-of-a-kind, that there are only a few images floating around the internet. That's the case with the streamliner travel trailer before us today.
Folks, take a nice long look at the rather aerodynamic and streamlined travel trailer before you. Really let your eyes inspect every angle, every curve, every centerline, and window placement, and then feel free to comment on how you feel about it all. Oh, and if you have any idea as to who this machine belongs to, please speak up; I found myself going down a very deep Google rabbit hole and still came up with nothing. Well, almost nothing; the name Heavy Strömer's is spotted somewhere, but I couldn't match the trailer to the name.

Nonetheless, I've seen enough travel trailers in my day to be able to carry on a little discussion as to what the heck is going on here, and so I invite you to kick back and witness what I could consider to be one of the most inspirational bedrooms on wheels I've ever seen.

Custom Travel Trailer
Photo: Håkan Persson
Now, I wasn't able to find a whole bunch of information on this camper, but as we can clearly see, it accompanies a streamlined showstopping ride, and since my forte isn't vehicles, I'll just be sticking to my guns. So, how did we get here?

First and foremost, it's important to note the styling of the initial car this is towed behind. Why? Because the camper is built to match it, with the same sensuous and hunky curves, aerodynamic shaping, and overall sharp and clean look, which, we'll talk more about that shortly. Oh, and since hot rods like these are typically built by their owners, the camper tells the same story; you can literally see the hammering that took place to shape the curved lower half of the unit.

Starting from the ground up, we can see that the entire habitat is set up on just a single axle. To build something this large, you've got to be working with some rather lightweight materials, not to mention malleable. That said, aluminum seems to be the winning material here, and aside from making up the lower half of the trailer, the upper half showcases the same look, rivets and all.

Custom Travel Trailer
Photo: Håkan Persson
Coming back to this camper's shape, it's the main reason I chose to bring this gem to light. If you've ever seen the front of a yacht, then you have a very clear idea of what's going on here. Since airflow and open roads are its true domain, the lower half of the camper showcases a rounded-off look, or teardrop.

While the central crease is clearly visible from top to bottom, the owner of this hunk of rolling goodness definitely knows a thing or two about aerodynamics. Heck, I recently wrote an article on what can be considered the world's most aerodynamic car hauler, designed by none other than Peter Brock, and this rounded shape is the way to go.

As we move toward the rear, that bulbous front then carries air along its sides before finally being laid to rest behind the unit by one of the longest tails I've ever seen on a travel trailer. Once we take into consideration the fin running on top of the roof, we're not only looking at an aerodynamic unit, but one that's sure to turn heads no matter where it's spotted. This makes me ask the question, why haven't a lot of people posted more photos of it?

One aspect of its design that I want to point out is how everything neatly ties off at the rear. From the fins and wheel wells, to the side panels, roof panels, and that massive fin, all tie off neatly at the rear and give this puppy its signature look.

Custom Travel Trailer
Photo: DWG
The only downside to today's journey into this awe-inspiring machine is that we have no images of the interior. Bummer, really, because I would have loved to drool over this "organic" vehicle. But it's clear that there's definitely a modular couch or bed inside, a galley block, and possibly even a bathroom. There has to be some cabinetry, batteries, and water tanks in there.

Finally, take what we've talked about, seen in the gallery, and finally put it all together and place yourself in the center of the action. What would you do with such a unit? Where would you go, and who would you meet along the way?

If you ask me, I'd be traveling everywhere in this thing, talking to all the people along the way, answering questions, and when it's all said and done, park on the edge of some forest treeline, have a bite to eat, listen to the birds, and lay down on my bed, eyes averted toward the roof to check out the sky through that massive windowed roof. It honestly doesn't get any sweeter than this. As for the rest of us, "inspiration" is what we can call this no-name camper: inspiration to build a different kind of travel trailer to live in.
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