This LEGO Batmobile Collection Is Just Something We Want

LEGO Batmobile Line Up 10 photos
Photo: Irwan Prabowo in Flicker
LEGO Batmobile Line UpLEGO Batmobile Line UpLEGO Batmobile Line UpLEGO Batmobile Line UpLEGO Batmobile Line UpLEGO Batmobile Line UpLEGO Batmobile Line UpLEGO Batmobile Line UpLEGO Batmobile Line Up
Some make their own replicas from scratch. Some even ride Batpods in traffic dressed as the Dark Knight. Yet others sing their way into the Batman feeling. It’s quite difficult to be original with the black caped superhero nowadays, but it would seem this Lego enthusiast managed to find a way.
Lego brick builder Irwan Prabowo has recently shared what could make for the coolest home-made Lego set so far, a line-up of mini-sized Batmobiles. We’re talking about the 1966 and 1989 models sitting right next to the Batman Forever car, the Tumbler and the new Batman vs Superman.

The Tumbler was modified to be more in-scale with the others. The Batman vs Superman batmobile is equipped with a dual front gatling gun, detailed front and rear fenders and scissors-like opening doors. Prabowo claims he has built these batmobiles with the intention to make them in-scale with mini Lego cars from the Shell promotion.

The Lego mini-batmobile collection might not be as cool as the official Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy the famous Danish toy makers recently released, but it's still quite impressive.

However, let us assume you’re a gifted mechanic and you also have some money to spend. Then you simply (really?) take the 1989 Batmobile blueprints and build your own real-life replica. It’s what Australian car enthusiast Zac Mihajlovic probably did, as he made his own full-scale Batmobile and is currently driving terminally ill kids with it.

In case all this is too much struggle, however, you could always buy the Batman-like drone. We’re talking about that bad boy Black Hawk quadcopter, which apart from its beautiful satin black finish is also extremely stable to fly.
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