The Piano Guys’ Batman Evolution Video Will Blow Your Mind

If you care for the Batman series a tiny bit and like epic music just as much you’ll want to see this video. Not that they’re not already legends, but with the latest video, The Piano Guys literally left us speechless. 50 years of music and film are all rolled together in front of the iconic Batmobiles, in what could make the superhero fan video of the year.
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Photo: The Piano Guys on Youtube
When you get together three of Batman’s legendary vehicles and play the music themes behind the epic movies only using a piano and a cello you might just go epic. And epic these fellows went for from the very beginning of their career. Consisting of Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson and Al van der Beek, the American musical group went a long way from being just a YouTube band. Let us explain.

Schmidt and Nelson’s music is accompanied by professional-quality videos shooting and edited by Paul Anderson and formerly by Tel Stewart. Their first three major-label albums The Piano Guys, The Piano Guys 2 and A Family Christmas each reached number one on the Billboard New Age Albums and Classical Albums charts.

Good, now that we met this people, let us discuss the auto matter of the subject. What are we looking at here?

Triple the hero

First, we find the 1966 classic Batmobile, which is what you’d call the crime fighting equivalent of the Pontiac GTO. Direct link to the cave, atomic powered and able to be driven from the passenger seat, this one was built by legendary car customizer George Barris. It appeared in the TV series that aired between 1966 and 1968.

Next, we find arguably the most comicbook-like Hollywood version of the Batmobile, which came in 1989, when director Tim Burton commissioned the design for a car that embodies the Art Deco style. Such beauty, such an epic car. The paint is no longer gloss black, it’s just the sort of gunmetal finish, the one that we’ll let criminals know who they’re dealing with. And it’s quite the beast this one. Almost 21 ft. 8 in. (6.7 meters) long, the 1989 Batmobile is able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 330 mph (532km/h).

Last but not least (considering the new Batmobile has already been seen on set and all) we see the famous 2005 Tumbler. British director Christopher Nolan’s vision transformed it into one of the most successful movie trilogies ever made, and the Batmobile obviously played its part. To maker sure everything remains authentic, Nolan never calls it a Batmobile throughout the movie, instead naming it the Tumbler. Weighing almost the double of a dry McLaren P1, the 2005 superhero car is powered by a V8 6.2-litter engine that is coupled with a Cherry Bomb custom exhaust.

As any epic video out there, The Piano Guys’ Batman Evolution gives you the jaw-dropping moment at the very ending of the video, when all the three legendary vehicles are aligned and, one by one, turn their lights on. It’s like you get triple the hero out of a never ending story...


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