UPDATE: This Is Why You’ll Never Valet Park You BMW Again

BMW M4 engine bay moron 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
We’ve heard urban stories about crazy valets that do outrageous stunts using our cars but most of the time, they represent a small fraction of the grand total. However, things like that do happen and for some reason, the people in question tend to think that they are entitled to drive the cars they’re supposed to park as if they were their own.
The worst part is when they get caught or when they end up damaging other people’s property. Some will deny it while others simply won’t care about what happens but when you record your stupid endeavors you deserve to be caught.

Just like this guy here that got his hands on a brand new BMW M4. We can notice that he’s a real genius and a true car guy that should have his own TV show from the first couple of seconds of the video when he boldly states that the first thing you notice inside the M4 is that it has a bigger steering wheel than the M3.

In case you didn’t get that, let me explain what he’s trying to say. Given his expertise in cars, gathered from parking them around the block or in crowded lots, he can quickly form an opinion that everyone should listen to. Furthermore, he knows that the M3 and M4 are different cars so he is just trying to point out the differences. Too bad for him, this paragraph is ironic and he’s way out of his league here.

The video continues with another one of his valet buddies joining the fun, knowing exactly as much as the initial driver. They don’t even know what the M buttons on the steering wheel do and can’t properly close the hood (not to mention the twin-turbo V6 under that thing...).

However, no matter what stupid things they say about the car, the main idea is that what they do with it is simply unacceptable. Driving it recklessly through a packed parking lot is definitely not on their job description and they made me reconsider leaving my car on other people’s hands. How about you? And since we’re on this topic, how much do you tip when trusting valets with your ride?

Update: it seems like the valet in this video was identified and his contract was terminated. We noticed something was wrong when all videos showing him doing illegal stuff were taken down from his Youtube channel and when the Twitter account linked to it went down. The original video disappeared as well but we managed to find a re-uploaded version and posted it below.

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