This G-Wagen Gets Put Through the Weirdest Tests, Enough To Even Worry Mercedes

The Internet has blessed us with a lot of advantages. We can work from everywhere, keep in touch with friends more easily than ever, learn a lot of new things without ever having to leave the house, discover new hobbies, and make acquaintances from various countries without needing to travel. But, thanks to initiatives like YouTube, we can now also witness a very good-looking Mercedes-AMG G 63 getting ripped apart. The "durability tests" got even the automaker worried.
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Photo: WhistlinDiesel on YouTube
Mercedes-AMG G 63 "Testing"Mercedes-AMG G 63 "Testing"Mercedes-AMG G 63 "Testing"Mercedes-AMG G 63 "Testing"Mercedes-AMG G 63 "Testing"Mercedes-AMG G 63 "Testing"Mercedes-AMG G 63 "Testing"Mercedes-AMG G 63 "Testing"Mercedes-AMG G 63 "Testing"Mercedes-AMG G 63 "Testing"Mercedes-AMG G 63 "Testing"Mercedes-AMG G 63 "Testing"
Dreaming of a brand-new G-Wagen? Well, maybe it would be a good idea not to open the photo gallery or press the play button for the video available below. You might experience some inconvenient feelings, so to speak.

When writing, the iconic G-Class has a starting price of $139,900 stateside. But if you want the AMG version that boasts a signed 4.0-liter V8 engine, add $39,100. The $179,000 MSRP is not guaranteed, though. You could have to deal with various dealer-specific markups dressed as "market adjustments." At the same time, what's a G-Wagen without a couple of options? So, the final price could easily climb above the $200,000 mark.

One YouTuber decided to use such a vehicle for a variety of tests. He took the vehicle off-road with no special preparation beforehand and drove it like he stole it. The unlucky G-Wagen had to jump, crawl out of tight spaces, use all its power to climb slippery surfaces, mow down corn, deal with water ingress, and carry a couple of thousand pounds of concrete.

The abuse got so bad that even Mercedes-Benz jumped in. When the YouTuber known as WhistlinDiesel tried to connect to the vehicle's infotainment system via Bluetooth after drilling into it, hitting it with various objects, and pouring corn into the cabin, someone from Mercedes-Benz's Roadside Assistance team got through.

If you're a Mercedes-Benz customer, you can contact such a representative by calling a specific number, pressing the button displaying a wrench, the Mercedes me toggle, or the dedicated Roadside Assistance knob.

That person said they saw about 10 recent notifications from that particular G-Wagen, but they quickly figured out who was on the other end of the call. WhistlinDiesel is known for putting all types of cars through hell and worse. It's what made him a known YouTuber. So, it was clear that nobody needed any help at that very moment.

But the G-Wagen survived up to that point and required few fixes to operate. Thus, one last test was needed to show if the iconic SUV was as amazing as the Toyota Hilus "Invincible" driven by the old Top Gear trio on an Icelandic volcano and survived.

Sadly, the G 63 didn't take the last test very well. Its suspension collapsed, and the airbags went off. Still, the amount of abuse this vehicle endured is proof that sometimes, not even entire marketing departments can match a single person's vision. The video below proves that the G-Wagen is just in a whole other durability class.

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