This Chevrolet Corvette Was Built by Nicolas Cage!

The movie business is booming right now, but one famous actor may have changed his career recently, going from stealing fast cars in Gone In 60 Seconds to building them at one of General Motors' factories.
This Chevrolet Corvette Was Built by Nicolas Cage! 1 photo
Yes, we are talking about good-ol' Nicolas Cage, who apparently hand built the engine in this Corvette at the Bowling Green factory in Kentucky, US of A.

According to the VIN decoders, 1G1YL2D72E5113559 belongs to a 2014 Stingray coupe with the Z51 package, which most drivers seem to get. It also has the 3LT trim level, not that this has any relevance to our story.

We loved him in Con Air and alongside the blonde version of Angelina Jolie in Gone in 60 Seconds, but mister Cage has done some really bad movies in recent times. These include Bankgkok Dangerous, Ghost Rider 2 and other flicks nobody has actually watched.

But since when does Nick know anything about making engines? We can only presume, and this is a weird thought, that the V8 was put together under the Corvette "Engine Build Experience", where you get to install your own pistons and create performance one horsepower at a time.

This place doesn't actually prove that somebody named Nicolas Cage built the engine. You can apparently chose what name to put on that plate, with the obvious choice being your own name. But we've found another Vette that has "Nurburgring Edition" written.

Some Reddit users have actually managed to track down the Corvette with this number and it's for sale in Las Vegas for $77,900 after having racked up just 800 miles.

All we know is that a stock Corvette Stingray is not his kind of car, as the Hollywood actor has owned an Enzo, Bentleys, Rolls-Royces and was seen driving a 1959 Ferrari 250 GT.


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