This BMW 1 Series Coupe Has a V10 Under the Bonnet

1er M CSL 5.0 v10 SMG 7 photos
Photo: TJ Fahrzeugdesign
1er M CSL 5.0 v10 SMG1er M CSL 5.0 v10 SMG1er M CSL 5.0 v10 SMG1er M CSL 5.0 v10 SMG1er M CSL 5.0 v10 SMG1er M CSL 5.0 v10 SMG
Up until now we’ve seen some ludicrous BMW 1M Coupe models, from G-Power’s own G1 V8 Hurricane RS to AC Schnitzer’s ACS1 Sport Coupe but nothing could’ve prepared us for this.
What we’re looking at here is the creation of a small tuning company from Germany called TJ Fahrzeugdesign that’s not extremely new but has come into attention once again these days after some websites picked it up again.

Compared to G-Power’s creation, this beauty has an even bigger engine, one of the biggest BMW ever made. We’re talking about the legendary BMW S85 5-liter V10 unit that was somehow squeezed under the bonnet of this 1 Series Coupe, together with its original SMG gearbox.

It was then retuned to make more power, around 555 HP and given the brakes off an F10 M5 to cope with the ludicrous amount of force it has to keep in check now.

Sure, the balance of the car was ruined and it would probably be a hell of a ride on a proper track, trying to keep that rear end in check but in a straight line, few cars can keep up. The 0-100 km/h (62 mph) sprint is done in under 4 seconds while the 200 km/h (124 mph) benchmark is reached in less than 12 seconds, going up to 300 km/h (186 mph) taking just 36 seconds.

Other changes include a new suspension, lightweight CSL seats, new axles and a lot of carbon fibre elements, all of them adding up to a price tag of €85,000 ($117,000) more than a brand new M3 that is capable of doing roughly the same performance with a much smaller but turbocharged engine. What would you pick?

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