The Seal Recycled Tires Speaker Will Cheer Your Petrolhead Desire for Good Music

The Seal Recycled Tires Speaker Will Cheer Your Petrolhead Desire for Good Music 4 photos
Photo: Japan Trend Shop
The Seal Recycled Tires SpeakerThe Seal Recycled Tires SpeakerThe Seal Recycled Tires Speaker
This is not just another recycle geek gizmo people are sick off. No, this is proper petrolhead gear. It may not see the harshness of tarmac ever again, but it will enchant your bedroom with appropriate music. In fact, if you’re that crazy about cars, this stereo built in recycled tires may even play the sound of a Ferrari Enzo in the background while you stay busy.
So you’ve wanted to prove that you too can care about the environment, but there’s no way you ever afford one of them hybrids carmakers keep pushing forward. You even feel bad sometimes, especially when your old Ford Fiesta leaves a black smoke trail behind. You’re sick of telling your friends that you love nature too. Well, if all these problems exist maybe this stereo comes in handy.

The Seal Recycled Tires Speaker is limited to an initial batch of 50 speakers only and combines wireless technology with environmentally friendly design. According to Japan Trend Shop, the tire houses the speaker, enhancing both the acoustics and esthetics, and is compatible with Bluetooth.

In terms of specs, the 11-kg (24.3 lbs) sizes 525 x 525 x 200mm (21 x 21 x 8”), and comes with an output of DC24V, 1.25A. We’re talking about a 15W speaker that will most likely be enough for a petite party.

One speaker will cost you $705, so you’re going to have to think twice before considering buying a pair to fit your bedroom with. Also, the speaker’s stand is not included, and you’ll need an additional $44 for that too. But let's face it, is there anything that will stop you from being the perfect car accessory collector?
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