The Robot that Starred in Rocky Costs Rolls-Royce Ghost Money

Celebrity Robotic Avatar 1 photo
Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer
In case your are a wealthy landlord that has too much money, but not so many ideas you can always visit the eccentric Hammacher Schlemmer online shop. One of their latest products on sale is what they call the Celebrity Robotic Avatar, the only machine with a personality admitted to the Screen Actors Guild that actually starred in real movies.
Remember the time Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, went home over at Paulie, played by Burt Young, and gifted him a speaking robot? “I wanted a sportscar, not no walking trash can!” he told him. The robotic avatar was equipped with a human voice simulator, allowing it to talk with humans relatively easily.

It turns out that robot is truly a Hollywood star and if you have the right amount of cash it could be yours.

A true Hollywood star

The adult-sized robotic avatar has appeared in movies, television programs, music videos, entertained Royalty worldwide and attended countless corporate functions. According to the shop, the machine is controlled via an intuitive wireless remote that is small enough to escape detection, making it appear as if it is acting autonomously. It is capable of fluid, lifelike movements, smooth dance moves and comes with engaging personality.

The celebrity robot’s head, torso and multi-jointed arms can be operated independently or in limitless combinations to create graceful, lifelike motions. It rolls forward, backward and even spins 360 degrees at three different speeds, dancing alone or with a partner who stands on his sturdy platform.

You can pre-program it

Its routine can also be completely pre-programmed, from body movements and dialogue to music and sound effects. A monitor on the robot’s fiberglass and steel body displays what he sees and a LED panel across his mid-section scrolls a customized message. The rechargeable batteries will last from 3 to 4 hours per charge.

The only question left is whether you’re willing to pay Rolls-Royce Ghost money for it, because it’s priced at $350,000. In case you’re not, we still listed a short video below to see what you’re missing. We also put in the part from the movie, with Paulie receiving his birthday gift.

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