The Most Expensive Registration Plates in Britain

British newspaper The Sun ran a very interesting story today that involves some of the most expensive license plates on the British Isles. The prices circulating around these plates are kinda of outrageous but it just goes to show you at what lengths some people will go to personalize their automobiles.

A couple of years ago tuning became the ultimate rush for car owners and it really seemed like there wasn't a stock market vehicle on the road anymore. As time passed, the tuning became more and more outrageous, but in order to make it complete, some people considered they needed to have personalized plates.

The trouble with that is that there is only a limited number of plates with a certain amount of combinations and there are many people fighting over it. DVLA's answer? Public auctions in which plates get fought over like prized paintings, wines and race horses.

The recent trend in Britain seems to be Asian-themed plates, ranging from Asian names to Asian countries. According to the same article, the priciest license plate in Britain right now is a 254,000 pound number that reads 51 NGH (reading Singh), an Indian name. Other high bidders were AHM 5D (Ahmed) for 18,000 pounds, 1 RAN (Iran) for 51,000 pounds and 20,500 pounds for a SYR 1A (Syria) model.

This is turning into quite the trend, as we recently reported about a bloke who paid top dollar to own a Stig ( THE 571G) license plate, and it seems that thieves are picking up on this too. No, stealing personalized registration numbers just to stick them on your car doesn't work. Thieves stole 22,000 plates last year in Britain in order to commit infractions, like driving off without paying for fuel or in order to fool speed cameras.
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