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The Jaeger-C Robotic Vehicle Can Ambush and Destroy Tanks in Full Goliath Mode

It’s not surprising that robotic vehicles are becoming increasingly important for armed forces around the world, but the prospect of these vehicles being armed, and capable of carrying out autonomous attacks, is scary and controversial. This uncrewed combat vehicle was designed to destroy tanks, and it caught the attention of the Australian Army.
The Jaeger-C unmanned vehicle can carry out ambush attacks against tanks 6 photos
Jaeger-C Robotic VehicleJaeger-C Robotic VehicleJaeger-C Robotic VehicleJaeger-C Robotic VehicleJaeger-C Robotic Vehicle
If a fast robotic dog armed with a gun isn’t scary enough, here is a robot that can neutralize a tank, despite being much smaller in size. The Jaeger-C was specifically designed to be small, so that it can hide, conduct surveillance operations, and then perform ambush attacks. What’s interesting about this robotic vehicle is that it has three operating modes.

First, the Jaeger-C can stay hidden and monitor the target for a long time – this is the Gaard mode. Then, it can either opt for the Chariot mode, which is defined by the manufacturer as “harassing and charging at arms combatants until they drop their weapons,” or the Goliath mode, where it carries out an open attack on the target.

The name was inspired by the World War II Goliath, a type of tracked mine used by the German forces against tanks. The Jaeger-C is similar to the original Goliath, with the main difference (and advantage) being that it operates autonomously, which increases its chances of “surviving” on the battlefield, without being spotted or disabled.

GaardTech, an Australian company that specializes in military robotic systems, unveiled the Jaeger-C vehicle last year and has recently obtained a contract with the Australian Army, for live demonstrations of this lethal robot, in 2022. It’s still unknown what type of weapons will the Jaeger-C use, but Overt Defense notes that it could be a close-range explosively-formed projectile.

This “multi-role UGV” is also bulletproof and capable of reaching up to 50 mph (80 kph). According to GaardTech, the wheeled platform operates via direct human control, but it’s also capable of acting “autonomously, with image analysis and trained models linked to robotic actions.” It looks like autonomous vehicles are no longer simple carriers or scouts during combat missions, but are gearing up to become lethal machines.


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