The Best 9 Roads in the World and the BMWs that Go with Them

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Let’s assume for a moment that you can actually afford any BMW you’d like, shall we? Furthermore, let’s assume that you already own every possible Bavarian jewel you can dream of and just don’t know what to do with them.
Well, if that’s the case, allow us and Car Throttle to show you the way, our friend. The guys just put together a clip of the best 9 roads in the world you should try out. According to them, you should do so before 30 but we’re more indulgent and claim that age is just a state of mind.

That being said, as soon as we saw their list we immediately thought that some recommendations would be in order as to what car to actually drive on these absolutely brilliant pieces of pavement. That’s how our list came to life.

Col de Turini, France. This road is mostly famous for being part of the Monte Carlo Rally and its numerous hairpin turns. In order to fully enjoy this engaging road we’d recommend a classic BMW E30 M3, a car that has a perfectly tuned chassis and more than responsive handling that will exhaust you at the end of the day but you’ll be smiling all the way up and down the Alps.

Great Ocean Road, Australia. Stretching over 243 kilometers (151 miles) this is a different kind of proposition, as it’s more about beautiful scenery than involving driving experiences. This is one for the family and therefore a comfortable, spacious car is exactly what you need. Get a V8 with it and you’re pretty much set. That’s how the 550i Gran Turismo came to mind. Plenty of space for everyone and more power than you could ever need with a soothing V8 burble in the background. What more could you wish for?

Passo Dello Stelvio, Italy. The Stelvio Pass is a completely different story. Located at 2,757 meters (9,045 feet) above sea level and decked with countless tight curves that seem to take you off the cliff this is one tricky suggestion. However, the recently launched F80 M3 and M4 could be exactly what you need for such a twisty trip. 431 HP and 550 Nm (406 lb-ft) of torque on the rear wheels will make sure to ruin your tires by the time you reach the summit. It will be worth it though!

Nurburgring, Germany. The Green Hell. You could actually take any BMW through here and you’d have the time of your life. However, we promised a list and we’re trying to keep our word but it’s really hard when your talking about such a legendary track. It needs a legendary car that wrote history here. Since we do have all the cars in BMW’s heritage at our disposal we’d say the 3.0CSL would be the perfect choice, the Batmobile winning countless races here the years. Plus, you’d look really cool behind such a rare car.

Taroko Gorge, Taiwan. With a name that basically translates into ‘magnificent and beautiful’ you can really get a good idea as to what to expect on this road. Scenery beyond your wildest dreams and the azure color of the Pacific ocean will greet you when you get there. That’s why you’ll need a comfortable car with big windows, something like a BMW F15 X5 with a panoramic roof. That’s your best option.

Trollstigen, Norway. This is a tricky one. If it wasn’t for the cold weather of Norway we would’ve gone with the Z4 Roadster in a heartbeat. However, since this is Norway, you’d probably be better off with something a bit more conventional but still really playful. How about a BMW M235i?

Snaefell Mountain Course, Isle of Man. The place where the iconic Isle of Man TT races are held couldn’t be enjoyed better than with a proper race car. Being 37.733 miles (60.73 km) long, you’ll need something fast too and we’re guessing that the BMW M5 Sedan would be perfect (with the Competition Package since we’re still dreaming).

Pikes Peak, USA. What can we say about this beauty? You’ll need speed and handling once again but luckily BMW is known for these two attributes so we could recommend basically almost any car for this road. One stands out though, and its the BMW E46 M3 CSL.

Transfagarasan, Romania. Made famous by the guys from Top Gear, the second highest road in the Central-Eastern European country provides breathtaking sights and plenty hairpins to make you sick. Rising up to an altitude of 2,034 meters (6,673.2 feet) it’s 90 km (56 miles) long and will require some brilliant driving. We would take the BMW 1M Coupe for a ride here, to fully benefit from its perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

Now that you know exactly what car you need for each road, you should really start planning, right?

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