The Alpine GTA Is a Piece of Genuine Inspiration, Too Beautiful to Come True

Alpine A110 GTA 7 photos
Photo: Arseny Kostromin
Alpine GTAAlpine GTAAlpine GTAAlpine GTAAlpine GTAAlpine GTA
How might a car design study look without any financial projections, technical limitations, or customer targeting taken into consideration? Just perfect, as Arseny Kostromin demonstrates with his exhilarating Alpine GTA virtual rendering.
While realistically shaped and sized, this Alpine GTA has, unhappily, no serious chance to break free from the flatness of the computer screens. Kostromin also took the time to accurately draw the carbon fiber monocoque structure that should keep the car together, which makes the situation even more annoying.

If this Alpine A100 GTA doesn’t come into our material world, then we should step for a few moments in its virtual world. It is easy to recognize in the car's silhouette the lines of the original 1962 Alpine A110 Berlinette, drawn by Giovanni Michelotti. Not only the volumes and the proportions of the vintage sports car were nicely treated here by Kostromin, but also the suggestive simplicity of its appearance got a contemporary touch.

On the other hand, Kostromin managed to integrate his own ideas in the Alpine A110 GTA. Have a closer look, because it's worth the effort: the B-pillar of the non-competition version is gone, and the tailgate completely covers the C-pillar. Also, the original Alpine's additional headlamps were finely melted here into the shape of the front hood. The result is an amazing sculptural fluency of the whole design.

Enough dreaming, let’s come down to Earth again, where Alpine is part of the Renault Group. Soon after his appointment as CEO in July 2020, Luca de Meo announced the so-called “Renaulution,” a strategic transformation process consisting of three distinct phases: Resurrection, Renovation and Revolution. The plan aims to turn Renault into a “pioneer in the new mobility value chain.”

The Resurrection program is scheduled to run until 2023, focusing on the development of electromobility. The good news is Alpine remains in the picture as a sporty brand. For fans of classic sports cars, the not so good news is that Alpine has issued its own statement announcing the switch to all-electric powertrains. “Alpine will focus on the development of all-electric sports cars in the future,” the company said. One more reason to feel really blue after seeing what Arseny Kostromin has done concerning the Alpine GTA.
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