Tandem Drifting Around a Person Is Not Wise At All

You`ve been to drift shows, and seen how one (or two) drivers spin their cars around a person which sits still in one place, and waits anxiously for the drift to be over? Well, the person standing in the center probably has a worst-case scenario in mind, which may go something like what happens in this video.
Here, two drivers, one at the wheel of a Tyota Supra and one driving a Nissan Silvia are doing exactly what we said in the previous paragraph - drifting around a woman (in this case), who just stands in the middle - they could have just used a cone, if they were not sure they are fully capable of doing the maneuver without hurting anybody.

Sadly, the driver of the Supra loses focus for a second, and hits the woman in the back with his wing, which strangely falls and flies off much too easily - it may not have been bolted to the boot correctly, however, as it flies off at what is a very light impact, which doesn`t even knock the woman down.
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