Swedish Girls Learn How to Hold the Wheel While Driving With a Tub on Top

When it comes to driving skills some people are born with them, few learn them fast while some simply shouldn’t drive at all. Whether you’re 16 when you first hold the wheel or 18 it would seem it’s not just a matter of experience that makes you good at it, but also a matter of talent of some sort. At least that is what this TV show from Sweden wants to prove.
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Photo: Screenshots from TV4's Video
Korkort is what the driver’s license is called in Sweden and you have to be 18 to get one. The exam itself implies two ways of training, practical and theoretical. The practical training varies depending on how well one can already operate the vehicle and is made out of actual driving tests and a specific Risk 2 test, that will verify how the aspiring driver manoeuvres the vehicle in the winter.

Then there’s the theoretical training, of course. This one is made out of five parts which are all completed on the computer, except the Risk 1 which the young driver will work together in a group and listen to an instructor.

Now, as far as we can tell, Swedish authorities take driving quite serious which is probably why there was even a show based on the idea that not everybody is good at it. Because that’s pretty much what these two girls are doing in the video we stumbled upon which is part of “Sweden’s worst drivers”, a television series broadcasted on TV4.

Basically each contestant goes to various driving trials and at the end of the show the best one wins. In the case in question we’re looking at a young female driver that is supposed to drive in a closed circuit while a tub filled with water sits on the top of the car. Problem is that the sun roof is open which means any mistake will drench the passenger with water.

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