A Hardcore Gamer? You Might Save a Life One Day

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The world is divided between "technology is saving mankind" and "technology will be our doom" right now. Although we haven't made our choice yet, it did save a life in the case of Irish 11-year old Charley Cullen's. The kid used his Grand Theft Auto skills to save his grandpa taking over the wheel when the 79-year old black out while driving.
The 11-year old recently became a hero after people found out he actually save his elder using his driving skills, a dexterity he got playing the Grand Theft Auto Game. They were on their way home in Slane, Co Meath, a village in Ireland, when the 79-year old man lost control, pushing the pedal to speeds in excess of 72 mph (117 km/h).

The kid not only managed to keep the car on the road taking control of the steering wheel, but he also was able to navigate his way around a busy main road. The adventure finished with the car hitting a sidewall and crashing into a gate close to their house. After that, Charley still found the strenght to pull his grandfather out and carried him the remaining 147 feet (45 meters) to his home.

"I grabbed the wheel and pulled it back out onto the road. We met a few cars going by. I had one hand on the steering wheel and the other trying to wake papa”, the kid explained for the Irish Mirror.

How did the 11-year old kid learn how to drive? Well, in the game he did of course. In case you are one of the few people out there that never actually played the video game, we’ll remind you it has a driving school you virtually learn how to drive at. It is an educational establishment based in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where the player learns advanced maneuvers and tactics of handling a vehicle.

In fact, in case you want to give it a try, it’s located in Doherty, San Fierro, two block down from the Doherty Garage and across the Doherty Safehouse. It is marked by a red “S”. And be advised, spending more and more time there will increase the player’s ability to drive... Or is it the actual person’s skill?

Although the youngster did suffer a fractured skull, he did what you’d expect superman’s son would do. Anyway, between the 11-year one and the MINI driver chasing the other guy that ran over 3 people on a scooter, in Taiwan, we have to say we prefer the first example.
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