Too Much Booze, Too Little Snowmobile Skills

Booze and snowmobiles are no friends 1 photo
It’s maybe okay to be tipsy during the holidays, as long as you’re on vacation and not operating machinery or vehicles which are, you know, illegal to operate while under the influence. However, when it comes to driving a snowmobile under the influence of booze, things can go wrong.
Even if the police might let you walk away just because you’re in a remote corner of Alaska, this doesn’t mean you’re actually fit to ride. And when the snow is also missing, steering the sled and remaining upright is an even harder task…

Now, this chap in Inukjuak, Canada seems to have enjoyed more than one or two extra pints, as his snowmobile riding skills are close to zero. Still it’s sort of amusing watching him trying to make it across what appears to be either a road or a frozen stream of water… and failing bitterly.

After involuntarily hitting a mound of snow, his sled effortlessly bucks him off into a front flip straight into a puddle, but the gods of the drunk people watched over him and prevented a broken neck. Still not convinced about his “zero riding skills condition”, the fellow attempts to start the sled once more, but decides he should rather walk.

However, his feet beg to differ when he attempts to get of the sled, so he takes another bath in the mud, with a somewhat gracious faceplant. The cold water seems to give him some sense as he finally manages to get up on his feet and run.

Much better wet and dirty than counting broken ribs after crashing into a telephone pole, isn’t it?
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