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Star Wars Toyota Celica: Where Is It?

We’ve just made an office-large bet here at autoevolution: what will happen faster - will a piece of radioactive material lose its properties or will people stop talking about Star Wars?
Star Wars Toyota Celica 1 photo
We obviously don’t know the answer (we couldn’t have placed our money if we had) but we do have a little clue. The official Star Wars blog is now looking for the themed Toyota Celica it gave away back in January 1978.

We are talking about the first Star Wars art car, a Celica GT Liftback. The details of the car, such as the VIN number, the winner who took it home or the dealership that offered, are unknown.

It seems that there have been a lot of efforts to find the car, but with 0 results. So, here’s what you have to do: print the adjacent image, add the “have you seen this person car” text and then place it all over your neighborhood.


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