Star Wars Dreamliner Makes Perfect Appearance as New Movie Trailer Is Released

ANA's Star Wars-themed Dreamliner 6 photos
Photo: ANA
Star Wars DreamlinerStar Wars DreamlinerStar Wars DreamlinerStar Wars DreamlinerStar Wars Dreamliner
If I’d be the CEO of an automaker right now, I’d wrap the company’s newest car in one of Star Wars’ most popular characters (still can’t decide between R2-D2 and C-3PO) and simply post pictures of it online. Unfortunetely, none of us here at autoevolution are allowed to run a car company, but the guys in charge of the Japan’s All Nippon Airline (ANA) appear to be of the same mind.
In less than 48 hours the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2 has almost reached the 16 million views mark. Since we’re assuming you’ve already seen it, there’s no point in talking about. We’re still at least six months too short to talk about leaked premieres. There’s not point to get all fifty shades of “Oh my God, Oh my God” about the epic, long-awaited movie. Not yet.

And, after all, we’re here to talk about thinks that move people around and that pack powerful engines. You guys know us, we’re fools for two things, cars and aircraft. The second is our point of discussion this time, and we’re traveling all the way to the Land of the Rising Sun for it.

The jet is scheduled to fly on international routes this autumn. With the skies as our stage, we are embarking on a range of novel initiatives as we head into the future. Expect a new world full of surprises!” ANA explains. Translation? It’s a 5-year “Star Wars Project”, a way the company is reinventing itself, a marketing project that should make the airline become one of the travelers' favorite choice.

The first aircraft to go through this process was a gorgeous 787-9 Dreamliner wrapped in R2-D2 lines and colors. The jet has been flagged for international routes and will cruise the skies starting this autumn. Check out the video below and stop thinking of reasons to visit Japan. You don’t need a Star Wars themed Dreamliner to do that, the country is beautiful!

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