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Magellan’s $43,500 Private College Tours Proves Not Everybody Affords Schooling in the US

Whether or not going to college is done the right way in the US is still covered in controversy as some claim attending one will leave young people in debt after graduation. There are also a bunch of rich parents that won’t care much about this issue. We're talking about the type of people that would truly rent a private jet to go on private college tours. Believe it or not there’s a company offering that sort of service.
Magellan’s $43,500 Private College Tours 1 photo
Hey, we all know that the best way to learn about a college is to visit the campus. Whether or not that is possible, especially when you have to cross the entire country to make it happen, it’s not something that they tell you when they pass that brochure at college fairs.

Here’s where Magellan Jets come in. A company that call themselves “the leader in domestic and international private jet travel”. They offer private charter flights and private jet memberships on allegedly the safest aircraft in the world.

Yep, top-notch services designed for the well-heeled few (not so few apparently) out there, of course. If you’re not one of those people, there’s not much you can do. You see, their service is worth about the same you’d pay for one year of tuition, but who cares when you're some Florida millionaire that needs things to be done fast and the right way.

The 10 Hour Jet Cards starts at $43,500 and is meant “to help you and your child see their perspective prospective campus before making their decision”. Available from March through June, they will organize a seamless itinerary based on the schools and tour dates. They will also arrange all pick up and drop off car services, and even provide college notepads to keep track of likes and dislikes from each campus.

So, paying V8 muscle money to visit you son’s future schooling unit seems too much for you? Well, get this. Last year eighteen people bought the package, and Magellan expects about 50 buyers this year only.


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