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Stanced Toyota 2000GT is a Cool Diecast

The Toyota 2000GT revolutionized the world’s view over Japanese cars. With a unique sleek design, having both pop-up headlights and plexiglass covered lower ones, almost no bumpers and only 116 cm height, the 2000GT has to be one of the most sought after Japanese sportscars.
Stanced Toyota 2000GT Diecast 4 photos
Stanced Toyota 2000GT DiecastStanced Toyota 2000GT DiecastStanced Toyota 2000GT Diecast
But being produced only in 337 units, the probability of owning one equals the probability of owning a small island. Some of these GTs were sold for as much as $1,200,000.

Knowing all of this, we’ve stumbled upon the picture above, which made some fuss over the Internet in the last few days. Seeing a stanced Toyota 2000GT would make every enthusiast think that its owner must be crazy or something.

But he is not crazy at all, because what you see in the picture above and in the ones bellow is a custom 1:18 scale diecast model. It is fitted with resin casted RS-Watanabe wheels measuring 7mm front and 9mm at the back.

And it is also for sale on Yahoo Auctions Japan, where it’s current bid is at ¥23.000 ($231).

Story via Japanese Nostalgic Cars


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