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Spyshots: BMW i8 With Butterfly / Scissor Doors

The brand new BMW i8 is getting more tasty by the minute, as new information starts to trickle down and the car gets closer to production. The big news today is that the test car we showed you a while back has get the butterfly or scissor doors of the Vision EfficientDynamics.
2014 BMW i8 Spyshots 3 photos
2014 BMW i8 Spyshots2014 BMW i8 Spyshots
They look good buy we thing our readers need a bit of a history lesson. Scissor doors are the silly ones the aftermarket world puts on Golf and Astras. They just open up, and obviously out a bit to have room to lift in the first place. Now, these are technically butterfly doors, since they open out. The most famous car with butterfly doors would have to be the McLaren F1. But we gues that most people will call them scissor doors.

Getting back to i8 prototype, this is turning out to be one of the most exciting-looking vehicles we’ve ever seen. It’s got more ram parts, vents, scoops and ducts than a fighter jet. However, we’re not really sure what those skinny tires are all about. They might be more efficient, but we doubt that any rich people will want to be seen in a BMW running on what look like space savers.


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