Speeding Motorcyclist Crashes into Innocent Driver

Speed limitations in urban areas have definitely not been created to annoy road users. While riding a bit faster than the legal limit is usually not a serious matter, provided one doesn't get flashed, doing 120 km/h (75 mph) in busy traffic is just an accident waiting to happen. And it usually does, unfortunately.
The present video shows a textbook crash: a rider liberally exceeding the speed limits and being unable to either stop, slow down and swerve or miss the car, altogether. The outcome is simple: the bike simply smashes into the car.

Some of those claiming that the car should have waited for the rider to pass are either over-biased or have never driven a car, too (which is really bad for understanding how traffic works). The driver did not pull in front of the bike.. not in the widely-known acceptance of pulling: should the biker have ridden at decent speed, the risk of a collision would have been null.

And just as one older rider once said: “if you want to ride fast, you better learn to steer and stop just as fast.” Sorry for the rider, but he was really asking for it.
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