Snow Peels Off a Car’s Roof in One Big Chunk, Bad Things Happen

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Do you know who enjoys the snow? Kids and dogs, that’s who. But do you know who hates it the most? Most of the drivers, and there are countless reasons for that.
First of all, there are so many people who don’t know how to drive when it snows, and so you have to keep an eye out in all directions, because you can never know where danger lurks. That maniac who is clearly speeding is a certain menace, but it could very well be the crawling grandpa who thinks he’s going so slow that he doesn’t have to check his mirrors anymore.

If fighting heavy traffic seems stressful, doing it during or after it snowed is ten times worse. Somewhat contrary to their wintertime driving skills, people are more likely to take out their cars when the white stuff starts to cover the roads, as everyone prefers the comfort of their heated seats to the discomfort caused by frostbites. So despite the fact that they hate driving, they hate it less than freezing their asses off, so they will drive their cars to wherever it is they’re going.

And then there’s the preparation of the car. What else can you wish for in the morning than to sit in the cold and dust off the snow accumulated on your car? Let’s see, I don’t know... anything else BUT this?

And yet, you need to do it. Firstly because there’s no other way to get inside the car, unless you unlock it and feel your way to the door’s handle, then pull. Do this and you’ll get inside, but half the snow that was on the car will then be right there with you. So you have to clean it.

“But I can just drill a whole towards the driver’s door, and another one towards the windshield and I’m good to go, right?” Well, yes and no. If you don’t mind being “that guy” who leaves a trail of fine particles of snow behind like you’re some kind of frozen comet, then yes, you can drive off like that. But then you run the risk of becoming “this guy” right here in the clip below, who left the roof covered in snow, the snow turned into ice and then peeled off at speed as one big slab of frozen water, flying right into the car behind.

All that could have been avoided with a broom and an ounce of common sense. We don’t know which of the two that driver was missing, but we do know that it’s really easy to get a broom. For the second item, you’re gonna have to talk to your parents.

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