WNBC Crew on the Street Gets Sprayed with Snow by a Drifting Nissan

WNBC reporter sprayed with snow 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
As if the irony of having to stand out in the blizzard while everybody else is following their advice by remaining indoors wasn’t bad enough for the reporters, you can always count on finding some good samaritans around willing to make life even more enjoyable for them.
Why television stations feel the need to send somebody out in the cold to report what we can very well see through the windows of our homes remains a mystery, but they insist on doing it so there’s nothing we can do about it. Well, if they happen to be stationed outside your house, you could go out with a couple of hot cups of tea.

Or, you know, spray them with some snow while you drift your car right next to the TV crew, that’s useful as well. And while you’re at it, scream something out the window too, because you’re live on national television and that could very well be the greatest achievement of your life. That, and a pretty well-executed drift, if we’re to be honest.

WNBC newscaster Sandy Bell and a cameraman were out on the streets of New York City to report on the deteriorating weather, when what looks like a Nissan 240SX noticed their presence. The driver waited until the live report started and then initiated a powerslide that brought the car close enough to the reporter to make her pause for a second.

The TV channel tried to augment the severity of the situation afterwards by saying that the car nearly hit the crew, but the footage shows that the driver was in control and it was all intentional. Which isn’t to say he wasn’t a complete douche, but at least he didn’t put anyone in danger.

The two news anchors back in the studio didn’t know what to make of the whole situation, and yet they managed to come up with a sound advice: let’s try to keep it safe out there.

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