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Skoda Fabia Deemed Not Posh Enough for the Neighborhood: Take It to the Dump!

You know that feeling we all sometimes get that everyone else has nicer-looking and better stuff than we do? One woman did not have it, but her neighbors made sure she felt that way because of her car.
Neighbors say this Skoda Fabia is too ugly to park in a residential area 62 photos
This is a strange story highlighting the sense of entitlement on some people, including with regard to their cars. It also shines a strange light on the steps some people will take to protect what they believe is the “correct” image of a residential area.

Julia Laursen, a councilor for the Green Party, lives in Shanklin, Isle of Wight, the island off the coast of England. One day, she woke to a strange note on the windshield of her Skoda Fabia signed “The Littlestairs Road Management” and informing her that her crappy car was making everyone else look bad.

Specifically, the note advised her that to look for parking elsewhere because this was “a respectable road” and her Skoda made it look like Beirut. Everyone else drove nice cars, so she was the sole exception. As such, she was kindly invited to park in a more appropriate place, “like the DUMP!”

Understandably, Laursen was furious: living in a certain area should not have to dictate stuff like the car you drive or the clothes you wear. She went to Facebook to vent and, at the same time, invite friends with rougher but still loved vehicles to drop by to “give these tossers a taste of what Beirut might look like.” She has since deleted the post, The Sun notes. The invitation presumably stands, if you fit the bill.

Since she’s with the Green Party, Laursen might not have the slightest intention to pay heed to the warning from her neighbors. The Fabia might not be everyone’s definition of a looker, but it has good economy and is cheap to run. More importantly though, it’s her car and no one else’s business as long it’s not in violation of actual laws and regulations.

Editor's note: The new Skoda Fabia is shown in the gallery.


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