Sir, Mind If I Jump on Your Car and Then You Pay Me? Too Late, I Already Did

If this video were posted by a company selling dashcams, then I would like to shake the hand of the man who had the idea of doing it because this is great marketing.
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We’ve been slowly warmed up to the idea of having a camera installed on our car to have some video proof in case we’re involved in an accident, and the other driver isn’t willing to admit their guilt. Now, though, it seems we’re not safe from the pedestrians either.

If you’ve seen Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds,” then this scene will look very familiar to you. Only instead of seagulls hitting their heads against the car’s windshield, here is a grown-up Korean guy doing the exact same thing. Now that would make for a great movie title: “The Koreans.”

We’ve all heard of this scam: a guy that’s either dum or desperate enough jumps onto the hood of a moving car, rolls over and pretends he has a broken leg so that you’ll give him some money to keep his mouth shut and not go to the police.

Another variation requires that he actually get hurt so that the insurance company pays him the money. Well, the fellow in this clip seems to fall into the second category, but we sincerely hope this was his first attempt because there’s definitely room for improvement.

First of all, he’s very obvious about his intentions. So obvious, in fact, that the driver has time to stop. He even had time to go into reverse and really make him work for his money by forcing the stuntman to chase him around town, but he probably didn’t imagine what was about to happen. Because no normal person would.

The guy makes a desperate plunge, but he misjudges the length of the hood or something, so he doesn’t hit the windshield right. No problem, there’s always a second chance. And a third. Fourth. Keep them coming, friend, this camera never runs out of tape.

It’s so satisfying when creeps like this one get caught at their own game. Not only did he not get any money out of this little show, he most likely ended up paying for this guy’s broken windshield and dented hood. And that, kids, is what we like to call “poetic justice.” Enjoy this clip and don’t be ashamed of laughing out loud. When you feel it’s wearing off, hit the repeat button.

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