Mercedes-Benz M-Class Driver Can’t Help but Ram a Rolls-Royce Ghost. Repeatedly

Mercedes-Benz ML crashing into Rolls-Royce Ghost in Doha 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
If there’s one good thing about alcohol prohibition in a country - and it really is the only positive aspect - is that you can be pretty darn sure nobody will be drunk-driving there.
Well, guess again. Welcome to Qatar, the beautiful small country in the Persian Gulf where about 1.5 inhabitants and a lot of tourists enjoy the sun, the views, the food and the lack of alcohol. Yup, alcohol is mostly forbidden in Qatar. Except for a few five-star hotels where it is only served to non-muslim customers.

However, the punishment for illegal alcohol consumption - which means any type of alcohol consumption as long as it involves a muslim - includes a certain number of lashes that will leave an equal number of marks on the perpetrator’s back.

That little detail about some hotels serving liquor is very important for this destructive story we have here. Considering that, apart from these establishments, there’s only one other place where you can get alcohol in the whole country - a liquor store run by Qatar Distribution Company (a subsidiary of Qatar Airways) - that severely narrows down the opportunities of getting drunk and doing stupid things. Some people, however, could find a way of getting drunk even on the Moon.

Take this guy, for example. You’d think that the prospect of getting flogged just for consuming alcohol would make people think twice about getting near the stuff, but that’s only valid until the third glass or so. After that, I’m the king of the world and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let a Sheikh tell me what I can and can’t do.

So, if I want to get into my Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV and drive around the entrance of the hotel, scaring the crap out of everybody and crashing into a valet stand, I’ll very well do it. And what the hell is that Rolls-Royce Ghost looking at? You want some of this? There, take it! You want more? I’ll go round and if that doesn’t get me too dizzy, you bet I’m gonna hit you again. Stupid Rolls-Royce.

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