Sherwood Conqueror Shows the World Just How Capable an Australian Truck Camper Can Be

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Photo: Suncamper Motorhomes
Sherwood ConquerorSherwood ConquerorSherwood ConquerorSherwood ConquerorSherwood ConquerorSherwood Conqueror
While I was out there searching for the world's most amazing truck campers, I ended up in Australia. It's here that I ran across Suncamper Motorhomes and their idea of a truck camper, that behemoth you see strapped to a Toyota Hilux and sometimes a Ford Ranger.
Folks, Suncamper Motorhomes, is one of those crews that's really big where they're from. You may have heard of them before, as we've featured their work on several occasions, but if you haven't, then this short article will help you get acquainted. Heck, you might even find yourself booking a ticket to Australia or taking what you see here today to a local RV manufacturer and saying, "I want this!"

It's called the Sherwood Conqueror, and just as the name would suggest, it's made for conquering just about anything your on-road living lifestyle throws your way, and it all starts off with a rugged and overly modified Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger. In short, Suncamper has brought to light just what a Hilux and Ranger can be for those of use with the bucks to acquire such a machine.

How much is something like this going to set us back? Well, depending on the dealership you choose for your acquisition, around $215K Australian is the price tag, which is around $137K American. Quite a bit, and you'll understand why shortly.

As I mentioned, each Conqueror is set upon either a Hilux or Ranger chassis. But there's been a massive level of attention given to each base. After all, a GVM of up to 3,670 kg (8,090 lbs) means that these trucks are loaded to the brim with systems and features.

Sherwood Conqueror
Photo: Suncamper Motorhomes
For example, as standard, each Conqueror is equipped with a 140 l (37 gal) fuel tank, snorkel, bull bar, bash plates, MT tires, alloy wheels, and some changes to the suspension that aren't specified on the manufacturer's website, and that's just some of what goes into the chassis. And yes, these babies are 4WD. Once we start to take in the rest of this unit, we might be here until the cows come home.

As we move forward into all that is this massive habitat, I want to bring your attention to the off-grid living systems that Suncampers throws into this motorhome. As standard, 405 W of solar panels are in place, and so is a 2,000 W inverter. All that juice is then routed into a 120 Ah battery pack to be used for pumps, LED lighting, AC unit, and the fridge.

As for the all-important stock of water, here too, Suncamper makes sure you can spend quite some time off-grid with a tank of 95 l (25 gal) of fresh water, one of 43 l (11 gal) dedicated to drinking water, and a 20 l (5.3 gal) hot water tank also accompanies the mix. With most of the essentials out of the way, let's climb inside this bugger and check out the living space.

To enter this RV, a port-side door is to be used, and once you do so, you'll find yourself right in the center of the unit, with the living room, dinette, and galley to your right and the cab-over bedroom to your left. Straight ahead, a wet bath awaits. But this is just the bigger picture. Once we look closer, a whole bunch of goodies pop into view.

Sherwood Conqueror
Photo: Suncamper Motorhomes
The galley is fitted with a two-burner stove and countertop to prepare meals, and viz-a-vis, a sink and entertainment center lie in wait. Overhead storage and countless cabinets let you store your goodies and gear. Best of all, the dinette transforms into another bedding space, raising this unit's capacity to four people. For now, I'm going to let you explore those images in the gallery, and once you're done, come back to the text to finish things off.

To do so, I invite you back outside. Why? Well, I want to bring your attention to all those little extras Suncamper places at our feet. I'm talking about all the little bells and whistles in the shape of spotlights, floodlights, brush bars, and aluminum-plated sides. Roof racks are in place, too, in case you've got some watersports gear to throw on top or any extra gear.

Then there are features like that awning, allowing you to create one hell of an outdoor campsite. Throw in a tent annex, and your Conqueror can be transformed into so much more than a wheeled habitat; it'll become your home away from home, no matter the place. If your truck can make it there, you can call it home.

Now, let's say that what you've seen here today is up your alley. If that's the case, there's something you need to know. This is an Australian RV, and as such, it's tuned to Australian roads and regulations, meaning that this motorhome is off-limits to the rest of the world. At best, you can take what you discovered here and find a local RV manufacturer that's willing to embark upon bringing such a beast to life.

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