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Sexy Sarah Rides in 2000 HP Twin-Turbo Corvette

Google "LMR" and you will learn interesting fact that will change you perception of the internet, like the fact that it stands for "Last Minute Resistance", a term invented by a guy called "Mystery".
Thankfully, the LMR we're talking about makes a lot more sense than that. That's because we're referring to a Texas miracle car, a twin-turbo version of an American legend that has almost twice as much power as a Bugatti Veyron.

A company called LMR outfitted a 2008 C6 'Vette with the GM Performance LSX 427 block (a 7-liter). Two turbos were then added, along with an air-to-water intercooler and a boot-full of NOS, which allows the car to make 2000 under drag racing conditions.

So, what does this king of the street and drag strip do on the weekends? It likes to scare well endowed models and appear on Youtube, what else.

"We took Sarah Leann out for a ride in LMR's twin turbo Corvette, we will be doing a second part to this video because it started to rain and we couldn't get any traction, so this is kind of a teaser for a second video," said the guys from HighTechCorvette.


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