Seven Audi Car Keys, One for Each Day of the Week

Audi Deutschland has just shared the Instagram photo of one of its most loyal customers who loves the four-ringed brand so much that he bought seven brand new models, one for each day of the week. Somehow, we imagine that this guy wears sandals and a long white dress, even though we know he's German.
Seven Audi Car Keys, One for Each Day of the Week 1 photo
Photo: Audi Deutchland
To start off the week, we have the spacious Q7 full-size SUV. It can be configured with up to seven seats to carry all the little ballerinas, future football players and musicians to their schools.

Tuesday is all about showing everybody who's the boss, so the car of the day is the S8 sedan, big and powerful enough to scare a rival company into signing that cement deal. Quad exhausts and a twin-turbo V8 engine are just what you need to bring a smile to your face in the unlikely event that you have a bad day at the office.

Mittwoch, or Wednesday to you and me, is all about the old-school thrills, so the keys to an RS5 Coupe unlock a naturally aspirated 4.2-liter FSI engine that screams to 8,000rpm and sends its power to all four wheels.

The next key is for the coupe of the future, the TTS. It makes due with an engine that's half the size. But four fewer cylinders are not a problem when you have a turbocharger boosting the output to 310 PS. Friday is a day for comfort and unwinding. Not surprisingly, the keys are for the newest and most advanced sedan Audi has, the A4.

After a long week at the office, Saturday is all about having an adventure with the entire family. For that, you need a suitable SUV with a powerful engine and decent off-road capabilities. The SQ5 TDI has the same 3.0 TDI lump as the Q7, but it's lighter and packs an extra turbocharger for at least 326 PS or 340 if you opt for the more expensive performance model.

Finally, Sunday is when you try something new and exciting. The RS3 Sportback may look like a hatchback from the outside, but its 367 PS 2.5-liter engine delivers acceleration similar to a sportscar. Best of all, the family can come along for the ride. Too bad the key looks the same as that of a regular Golf.
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