Porsche Exclusive Paint To Sample Black 911 GT3 RS for Sale at $375,999

We've always talked about how Porsche's list of options can easily turn into a financial black hole, but that's until you reach limited production models such as the 911 GT3 RS. From this point on, the sky is the limit, as shown by the Rennsport Neunelfer we're here to show you.
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Porsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RSPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: frontPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: rearPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: sidePorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: door cardPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: interiorPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: seatsPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: dashboardPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: steering wheelPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: PDK shifterPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: Sport ChronoPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: engine coverPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: wheelsPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: ceramic brakesPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS: luggage compartmentPorsche Exclusive Black 911 GT3 RS
The rear-engined coupe is listed for $375,999. No typo here, just the kind of dealer premium asked on top of an already expensive machine that comes with special options.

So, what exactly brings the GT3 RS, which comes with an MSRP of $175,900 and can climb into the $230,000 area when fully loaded, to the point where it costs Lamborghini Aventador money? (yes, this is a metaphor, as nobody buys Aventadors for their MSRP).

We'll start with the exclusivity, as Zuffenhausen is only building 2,000 of these cars per year. Now, the seller (the vehicle is listed on theautogallery) claims this is "1 of 7 confirmed for the United States," and while we're not sure what to make of this, the rarity of the machine is more than obvious.

For one thing, we heard all the production for 2016 is already sold out, with purchases such as the one that lead to this ad being part of the problem. But that's another story for another time.

Speaking of exclusivity, this particular example of the GT3 RS comes from Porsche Exclusive, with the automaker's rationalization arm having gifted the car with a Paint To Sample shade of Black. Once again according to the seller, only one in ten GT3 RS units arriving in the US will come with the Paint To Sample option.

With many units of the model using look-at-me colors and the dark theme used here fitting Porsche's understated nature, the color works in favor of this vehicle.

As for the list of non-Exclusive options, we have to admit this is a well-gifted ride. From the ceramic brakes and the front axle lift system, to the Sport Chrono Pack we see as mandatory for every Rennsport machine, the important stuff is there.

What is that you ask? Mileage? You can consider this one brand new, as it has 10 miles on the odo.

P.S.: Just in case you thought going for a wilder color would save you some cash, you should know the same seller has an Ultraviolet Blue GT3 RS that's offered for (drum rolls) $399,999.
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