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The BAC Mono Loosens Up a Little, Accepts Larger Persons in Its Cockpit

Being a 6’7” guy is all nice and helpful when you’re trying to resolve an argument peacefully or changing a lightbulb without a ladder, but it becomes a pain in the ass when attempting to drive certain cars.
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I will never forgive my genes for not allowing me to drive a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster, for example, even though I had the keys and some wonderful south-European roads at dusk to try it on. But when you can’t move your feet from one pedal to another, you have to realize it’s just too dangerous and ask your colleague to do it for you.

Nor will I easily get over the fact that the same genetic structure prevented me from enjoying the sublime Honda S2000. With the knees acting as steering limiters, it was another case of choosing safety over pleasure and calling it quits. The fact that I had to pull the door handle with my right hand under my left knee should paint a very eloquent picture.

Luckily, I never had the chance to drive the BAC Mono, and I say “luckily” simply because I’m pretty sure it would have only added to my misery. The British sports car is designed to bring Formula One on public roads, so height-adjustable seats and stuff like that weren’t exactly first priorities.

The Briggs Automotive Company in Liverpool, the firm behind the sports car, has recently announced it managed to widen the car’s cockpit by as much as two inches. Somehow I still don’t think that’s enough for people like me, but it might make the difference for a whole range of less corpulent enthusiasts who were previously put off by the tight spaces.

This is the only change reported by BAC, and that’s not exactly bad news as the Mono definitely offers some of the best fun that can be had on wheels. All the engineers had to do was revise the vehicle’s tubular steel frame and push it outwards around the cockpit area, gaining a total of 2.2 inches for increased elbow room.

There is still time to get in shape for the BAC Mono as the new, revised car will only be available for sale starting this summer.

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