Emotional Marc Marquez Speaks about Moving to Andorra, Sight Problems and Taxes

Emotional Marc Marquez Moves to Andorra, Speaks about Sight Problems 3 photos
Marc MarquezMarc Marquez
In a recent press conference, two-time MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez spoke about his move to Andorra, with an obvious eagerness to clear out some matters which have sort of gotten out of hand in the Spanish media. Several days ago we reported about the rumor according to which Marquez would move to Andorra because of the significantly lower taxes.
You can follow this link for reading the detailed story, with numbers and all. We’ll just say that Andorra will only tax its citizens with 10 percent of their income, and this is definitely one thing ANYONE would enjoy, if we are to ditch all the hypocrisy.

Denouncing Marquez as a Spaniard

Some of MM93’s fans went a bit crazy after the first news on his (then potential) move to Andorra emerged. The number of Twitter followers went down a bit and some even denounced him as a Spaniard, even calling him “traitor” and other hard names.

Marquez was visibly affected by all this, so he felt like some official, direct explanations were direly needed. In a recent press conference he talked in Spanish about his plans and said that he is currently paying his taxes in Spain and will continue to do so the next year.

Still, he adds that he is 21 and has been living with his parents in the town of Cervera, Spain until now, but he wants to have his own place and his own life, even though he’s not that keen on making it public too much. Marquez also says that he has been to Andorra on countless occasions as the country offers exceptional outdoor training capabilities. Many athletes appreciate the country for its natural beauty and often have it as the preferred destination for their off-season.

Marquez could not hide his emotions as he spoke about the problems he had with his vision when he was 19 and which almost caused him to abandon racing altogether. Tears appeared in his eyes as he thanked to Dr. Bernard Sanchez for doing his best to help him and all those who stood by him in the toughest periods. Visibly moved by his emotions, the audience applauded the sincerity Marc Marquez showed.

He ended his talk admitting the last week was a very hard one and that he was not feeling too well, but he concluded with expressing his determination to continue racing. As the echo of his last word faded into the room, we could hear him banging his fist onto the table in a ”there, you have it now” way.

Truth be told, even though not having several million euros in the budget because an athlete decides to move to another country is not good news for the budget, we appeal to the people blaming MM93 and dare them to say they’d so gladly choose to pay 49% taxes instead of 10%. C’mon, guys…

“Well I’m 21 now and I’ve always been living with my parents, so like many young people I’ve decided to create my own space and my own home. I’ve picked Andorra because I’ve been there many winters and many times during the year. I will continue to be there many winters and much of the time because for physical training it’s an ideal place. Who knows what will happen in the future. I pay my taxes in Spain and will still do so next year.”

“There has been a lot of opinion about this and everyone is entitled to their view, but I think some of the criticism of me has been harsh. As a sportsman you never know how long your career will last. When I was 19 I was almost at the point of leaving motorcycle racing as I had a problem with my vision. Thanks to the doctors I was able to come back to riding. Over the last week I have not felt good so I want to thank everyone who supports me and my family. The only thing I want to do is keep enjoying myself and keep riding my bike.”

Follow the link for Marc Marquez’ press conference. Like always, you have to register with for free to watch it.
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