See and Be Seen with the New Lazer Star 2 and 3 LED Modules

Seeing and be seen are two of the aspects that can make a big difference when it comes to riding a bike, or even an ATV on public roads, as well as off the tarmac. Lazer Star shows two more light modules that can be effortlessly installed on pretty much any vehicle, the LX2002 and LX2003.
Lazer Star LX2002 and LX2003 5 photos
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For both being able to see your surroundings better and for becoming more visible to other road users, these two Lazer Star products are one option you should definitely check out, especially if you don't feel like changing the looks of your ride too much.

These LED modules are nothing like the huge projectors of yore and you will be able to find a place for them without ruining the looks of your bike or quad.

The modules come with 10W, 1,000 lumen Cree LEDs that only draw 0.44 amps each, so having them lit up while you're riding will not stress your generator too much. The IP68 certification ensures water and dust will not harm it, so riding in the rain or mud will not destroy these lamps.

Aluminium housing, 50,000-hour life

An extruded aluminium housing means that these LED modules are sturdy and can take a beating, and they also come with a polycarbonate lens. Each module is individually checked and sports a proprietary gasket to ensure that the units remain watertight even in the harshest environments.

Attaching these modules to the bike will be fairly easy, as they come with various fittings. The LX2002 and LX2003 are also compatible with Lazer Star’s 41mm, 1.25” or 2” tube clamps, and the company says a dedicated Harley-Davidson wire kit and bar switch assembly will also be available.

“Not all motorcycles come out of the factory with sufficient lighting, especially older models. By installing a set of LED lights, you’re improving your safety on the road by enhancing your field of vision in adverse conditions and also enhancing your visibility to other motorists,” Lazer Star Vice President Ron Scott adds.

These LED modules can be bought from dealers or directly from Lazer Star, for prices starting ar $221 (€192).


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