FuelFriend Plastic Jerrycans Fit Under the Seat and Save the Day

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FuelFriend plastic Jerrycan on an MV Agusta Brutale bikeFuelFriend plastic JerrycansFuelFriend plastic Jerrycans with accessoriesFuelFriend plastic Jerrycans can be strapped ot the bike
FuelFriend is a German maker of... jerrycans, but even this may sound a bit ironic, these fellows are as serious as it gets. And their job is allowing you to ride those few miles left until you see a gas station or reach people that can quench your bike's thirst.
When it comes to being unlucky and stranded on the roadside with a dry fuel tank, you know it will happen. It's in such moments when riders start to understand fully the importance of carrying a small amount of fuel with them, especially during longer trips made of lengthy stages or in areas where gas stations are rather rare.

Normally, these jerrycans come in three sizes, 1, 1.5 and 2 liters corresponding to 0.26, 04 and 0.53 US gallons. The German maker even has diminutive ones as small as 0.5 liter (0.13 US gal), that are perfect for small motorbikes, ATVs or scooters

Depending on how thirsty your bike is and your riding style, these FuelFriend jerrycans might not deliver the extra range boost you need, but this is a different story, altogether. Plus, knowing that the FuelFriend is the last friend you can ask for help, we believe you'd lay a much easier hand on the throttle, wouldn't you?

Fuel-friendly plastic, refueling accessories and straps

The coolest thing about these canisters is that they are small and lightweight, and you could even fit one in the small space beneath the saddle of a sport bike. If traveling on a motorcycle that has extra storage in the shape of saddlebags, you'll be all the happier with the biggest one and still not taking up too much space.

If you feel like you could strap one of these cans to your bike, you'll be thrilled to learn that they also come in a strap-friendly shape, with anchor points that make attaching them easy and safe. Clear versions and oil-specific models are also available. They also come with various accessories that make pouring the (now) most precious liquid into the tank a safe and clean operation.

The most expensive one was €16.80 ($18.6) plus €5.90 ($6.5) worldwide shipping, so you have no excuse for not having one with you. The WWII Jerries may be a thing of the past but the modern version of the jerrycans are a thing of the present. Check out the FuelFriend shop and use Google to translate jerrynese into your own language.
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