Schumacher's Family Sues German Magazine Bunte for Claiming "He Could Walk"

There are very few things in this world worse than a tabloid newspaper. Vermin come into mind, and so does cancer, but apart from that, it's really tough to imagine something more toxic to the public than the sensationalist media outlets.
Michael Schumacher 1 photo
Any public figure can expect to find their name in one of these clear cases of wasted paper and ink at some time, and it will almost certainly be mentioned in a less than flattering manner. The worst thing about them is that they won't leave any room for doubt, but declare the filth they imagined as the absolute truth.

And the thing is nobody's untouchable. No matter how hard your life is or delicate your situation, if there's money to be made and fame to be won off your back, you'll get featured. Michael Schumacher's family was probably well aware of all this when it decided to keep everything concerning the health of former multiple Formula One champion away from the press, but that didn't prevent numerous stories from being run by various publications.

One of the latest examples is German magazine "Bunte" which, back in December 2015, published a story claiming that Schumi could walk again with help from his therapists. The reports attributed the news to an unnamed friend of Schumacher who also said the Formula One legend was "very thin." Needless to say, the news was denied by the family.

After Schumacher's family took the magazine to court, The Mirror reveals their lawyer has now had to present the full extent of Michael's injuries in front of a judge. Outside the court, he simply said "he cannot walk," but predictably refrained from making any further comments. The verdict in this case is expected to come after next month.

As a reminder, Schumacher suffered a terrible ski accident almost three years ago following which he was placed in an induced coma. Since coming out of the hospital, he's been taken care of in his personal residence on the shores of Lake Geneva by a full-time medical staff.


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