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Samsung Kills Off Its Android Auto Alternative

While Samsung’s phones are among the most popular for Android Auto users, which means most people who run AA actually use a device manufactured by the South Korean company, these handhelds themselves could enable a dedicated car mode.
Samsung waves goodbye to the Car Mode app 1 photo
And it was all possible thanks to a stand-alone Car Mode app that was available on Android devices, so you could download and install it on your smartphone to enjoy a car-optimized experience without the need for a dedicated head unit supporting Android Auto.

In fact, this was the main benefit of Samsung’s Car Mode app, as it provided you with a mobile experience that was optimized for driving even if the vehicle itself doesn’t come with a head unit compatible with Android Auto.

And here comes the bad news. As of June 1, Car Mode is no longer supported, which means that the app wouldn’t get any improvements moving forward and installing it from the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store.

Currently at version 11.0.20 (if you’re interested in the full build number, it’s, Car Mode now comes with a popup for Car Mode end of service, so you’ll see a warning when launching the app that support has already been dropped.

Of course, there’s not much you can do now that Car Mode is gone for good, and for Samsung users who don’t own an Android Auto head unit, the lack of a car-optimized interface when driving is quite a loss.

On the other hand, the easiest way to cope with this app removal is by simply installing a car launcher from the Google Play Store. There are lots of such apps available on Android, essentially turning your mobile phone into a digital dashboard that can be further customized with your own apps, including the likes of Google Maps and Waze. One of the best, and which is definitely worth a try, is CarWebGuru.


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