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Latest Android Auto Version Said to Cause Sudden Phone Overheating

A rather unusual problem with Android Auto seems to be causing phones that are connected to the car, powering the app, to suffer from sudden overheating, according to reports.
Users claim the overheating shows up when the phone is connected to the car 1 photo
While it’s not exactly clear what has triggered this behavior, some of those who noticed the unusual overheating claim the whole thing started recently, so it’s believed the latest Android Auto updates might be causing it.

The issue doesn’t seem to be limited to just a specific phone or brand, as users have confirmed that the overheating happens on OnePlus, Samsung, and Google devices, so there’s a chance that the Android Auto app itself is the one that could be the culprit.

Someone says on reddit that the phone temperature experiences a sudden increase when launching Android Auto, with things returning to normal just after closing the app.

My OnePlus 7T has been overheating only when I turn on Android Auto. It is not the USB cable or port as I check my temps in real time and as soon as I activate Android auto in my 19 Accord Hybrid EX-L the temps skyrocket. After 15 min with Android Auto on my CPU is reaches over 80°C and the battery over 50°C,” they say.

For the time being, there’s not much that users can do, albeit one thing that’s worth trying is downgrading to a previous version of Android Auto. This could be a way to determine if the latest Android Auto update is indeed the one to blame for the overheating.

I’m not seeing any overheating after launching Android Auto on the Samsung Galaxy Note9, with all apps fully up-to-date and AA version 5.3 installed on the device. Everything seems to be working just like on the previous versions of Android Auto.

For the time being, however, this doesn’t appear to be a widespread problem, so only a small number of devices are impacted.


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